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NB: All modules reviewed and shown in this segment are available and working on Android L. Today I tested it on a OnePlus One running LiquidSmooth version LS-LP-v4.0-2015-01-22 (basically version 4). Xposed requires root and is not recommended on Lollipop, being an alpha build. If you want more info, please click one of the links above. 


Android has a unique way of displayed small messages about currently running apps, which are called toasts. They provide sometimes important small bits and pieces that might potentially be useful, but they don’t hang around, so if an app needs to convey a small message that instantly appears on-screen and then dissapear they are an excellent way of doing so. The style, duration and entry/exit animation of these toasts are determined by the system (basically everything apart from the actual text itself). So, what XToast aims to do is add customisation to these toasts, allowing you to change the colour, animation, during, app icon, e.t.c for toasts system wide.

An example of a toast, in this case it's the test toast sent by XToast

An example of a toast, in this case it’s the test toast sent by XToast

A potentially lacking feature is the ability to change how toasts are handled for individual apps. However, this would involve the system from detecting which app is submitting the toast, and therefore changing the settings with each app, which would add to the delay between the request being sent and the toast actually appearing, in addition to potentially slightly reducing reducing the battery life and performance due to the extra system power that is being used to handle toasts.

Settings within the XToast app

Settings within the XToast app

Settings within the XToast app

Settings within the XToast app

One of the more useful customisastion is the ability to add the app icon logo to the toast, which lets you quickly determine which app is sending out the toast by simply glancing at it. However, there are a large amount of features you could add, including changing the position of the toast.

Full feature list:

Add app icon to toast notification.
Change icon size display in toast notification.
Add app title name to toast notification.
Select different toast style JellyBean, KitKat, Gingerbread, Holo Light.
Select toast duration.
Change toast background transparency.
Select where toast notification appear on the screen.

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