OxygenOS Details Revealed From Reddit AMA

Earlier today the new OxygenOS team (two of whom were stolen from the Paranoid Android team) did an AMA (Ask My Anything) on Reddit, where they revealed some of the details of the upcoming OS. They stated that it would be a very much AOSP based OS, with only slight OnePlus touches and no particularly ground breaking features. Helen from the team said that “OxygenOS will be stock with convenience. No more no less.” It will not come pre-rooted and there will be no bloatware, leaving all the apps to stock, even going so far as having the default camera app set as the Google Camera app. In V2 of OxygenOS there will be a custom camera app, although no details were revealed as to what will be occurring there. The OS will not be open source, as it will be using proprietary drivers and it will not be released on any other device officially, although the team did say that anyone who was willing to port the OS was welcome to do so. The ROM will also come with its own custom recovery, which can be used to flash other ROMs, and it will NOT come as an OTA for existing OnePlus One users, which means they will have to flash it separately themselves. It will be updated for the device for two years after official release, even though the OnePlus Two is already coming out this year, meaning that people will be comfortably able to use it as a primary ROM once they install it. Finally, the ROM will not come with the Cyanogenmod Themer, at least not for the first version.


It looks and sounds like this will be a very much stock ROM for the OnePlus One and designed purely to be able to take advantage of the hardware. Also it sounds like OnePlus is trying to distance themselves as far away as possible from Cyanogenmod, and this ROM is going to be the replacement software. I think that Cyanogenmod 12S will continue to be released by Cyanogenmod for the OnePlus One, but OxygenOS is going to take the crown away from Cyanogemod and place it squarely on their own heads for the OnePlus Two.

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