Cyanogenmod and India: What are you doing?: UPDATE 2!!


Cyanogenmod. A name that brings connotations of rooting and ROMSs. Cyanogen is the creator of the most popular custom ROM out there and also the ROM that is available for the largest amount of devices. Recently Cyanogen has turned into Cyanogen Inc., as a separate company. They’ve teamed up with Oppo, OnePlus, and Micromax.

Wait, what? Micromax? The small Indian company that was one of the 3 original partners with Google in the Android One project? Since when have they teamed up with Cyanogenmod? Well recently Cyanogenmod announced that they were teaming up with Micromax in India. This contract is exclusive with Micromax, which means Indian customers of the OnePlus One (which was just released today in India) will not receive Cyanogenmod with their phone, they will have to stick with ColorOS. OnePlus has responded to this statement, saying that they were disappointed with the decision, however they are putting together a team to make a ROM for the OnePlus One based on Android Lollipop for February of 2015.

However, if you already have the OnePlus One outside of India, Cyanogen will continue providing support for Cyanogenmod 11S, the version of their software that has been installed on the OnePlus One, so if you already have the phone there is no need to worry.

My question to Cyanogen is this: what are you doing? Personally I think that they should team up with one company and then stick with it. They should have stuck with Oppo, and they most definitely should have stuck with OnePlus (in my personal opinion), but instead they’re jumping around from company to company, from project to project, and therefore eventually people will be reluctant to join with Cyanogen to create products that would otherwise be excellent.


Cyanogen have come out in this disagreement and stated that they will continue to support the OnePlus One in every country, including India. The phone will be released with Cyanogen 11S and will continue to get updates. So no OnePlus customer (including me) will have to worried at least.


Cyanogenmod seem to not be able to communicate information properly to people. They stated that international devices would still be updated and would still be sold with Cyanogenmod, so people thought there was nothing to worry about. However, it seemed nobody correctly understood Cyanogen. International devices would still receive Cynanogenmod updates, so any device that comes with Cyanogenmod will get updated. This means devices sold from OnePlus themselves will be fine. However, devices sold from Indian shops and services such as and such like, that do not come with Cyanogenmod will not receieve updates from them.


TL;DR: If your device comes with Cyanogenmod, and if bought from the OnePlus website or other international retailers outside of India, you WILL receive updates. If your device is bought from an Indian retailer and comes with ColorOS then it WILL NOT receive Cyanogenmod updates.  

Ugh, so much confusion. Cyanogen, please sort everything out and stop confusing everyone!

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