YouTube at 4K60fps

Okay I’m a bit slow on this news admittedly. Youtube has really been innovating recently. We’ve seen 4K, 5K, 6K, 1080p48fps, 108060fps, 360 degree video and now 4K60fps.

And yes if you live in a PAL region that number is actually 50, but, lets forget about that.

Of course this latest addition is designed at gamers. Who can actually afford a 4K60fps gaming rig is a bit of another matter, but I’m pretty sure that this will go down well with the gaming community. Both in film making and it gaming, 4K is now an in thing. I have yet to check it YouTube supports 4K at 48fps, which would be nice. All they need is 5K48fps, 3D and you can watch Peter Jackson’s queasy gimmickfest The Hobbit the way it was meant to be, making you vomit. Fan-hating over.

I know YouTube ‘discontinued’ support for 3D videos when the sheer lack of interest made their continued development pointless, but it’s nice to see they’re exploring 4K properly.

Here’s video #1

And Video #2

Enjoy these videos, if you have a constant 40Mb/s+ internet connection and a laptop capable of actually playing back YouTube’s heavily compressed x264 codec at 4k60fps.



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