Tips for Neptune’s Pride 2

Recently, I’ve been playing rather a lot of a game called Neptune’s Pride 2. It’s a fun game, and somehow I’ve also managed to hook in 15 other friends-soon-to-be-enemies as well. In fact, it’s been taking up so much of my time (and spare brainpower) that when I was told I needed to write something, I couldn’t think about any topics to write about. So without further ado, here are a couple of my choicest tips for the game.

  1. Buy economy right before the start of a new production. A fairly self explanatory one, having economy in general weakens your position tactically. It makes you simultaneously a more appealing target and increases your long term threat in the eyes of enemies. Furthermore, it only pays off at the start of each new round, so it makes sense to buy economy right before that. It also has the additional side effect of keeping everyone in the dark of your growth until the very last minute, which can be handy.
  2. Another important thing to consider is the nature of your alliances. While it is always good to be suspicious of everyone in general, having a strong alliance that both people know they will stick to is a ridiculously overpowered tool, particularly if one is willing to accept second place.
  3. Don’t underestimate the value of trading, and in particular overlooked tech. One thing that Neptune’s Pride 2 does remarkably well is the usefulness of almost all the technologies. While technology like terraforming and hyperspace range at first seem fairly useless compared to flashy weapons and manufacturing, they also tend to be far less researched among players, and thus are always in demand to be traded. Furthermore, terraforming really comes into its own later on, making it a valuable asset.

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