What to do when you get to Level 70 part 2 (Order and Chaos Online)

This is going to be an eventual five part guide. Read part one here 🙂

What to do when you get to level 70 (Order and Chaos Online)

So, while leveling to level 70 you probably have seen a ton of messages on global/normal chat reading ‘lfg free dps’ or ‘1s mzl’, etc.

So what does it all mean? Well, welcome to my handy guide 🙂

dps/dd – damage dealer (e.g. military monk, archer, mage)

lfg – looking for group

free (insert class here) for (insert activity) – essentially the same as lfg.

kpn/kpl – Knahswahs’s prison – the ‘n’ or ‘l’ designates whether it’s normal or legend.

rkn/rkl – Relic’s Key

etn/etl – Young Diety’s Realm

gsn/gsl – Salien: The Lower City

spn/spl – Salien: The Palace

ehn/ehl – Eidolon’s Horizon

mzn/mzl – Metal Ziggurat

agn/agl – Abyss of Limitless Gears

fb farm X dungeon – first boss farm of whichever dungeon is specified

need X class for (insert activity here) – they’re looking for someone for their group.

4s/2s – an exclusively PvP acronym stands for 4 players vs 4 players and 2 players vs 2 players respectively

1600-2700+ – often following 4s/2s call – specifies how good the team is and what rating they have in PvP.

wtb/wtt/wts (X item)- Want to buy/Want to Trade/ Want to Sell (X item)

Also, on an unrelated but very awesome note, it’s really nice to meet people in game as well – if people need any further help, say hi to my toon at Android, OM (jng9) in the guild Example – I’ll be perfectly happy to help out 🙂

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8 Responses

  1. Captainbill says:

    Hey man its yegoffstein –
    Didn’t want to say this on forums, but most people just glitch emblemach. Pretty easy glitch, though its hard to explain without showing you.

    • James Ng says:

      Thanks for the tip. I was wondering why not a single person seemed to have done it legit on my entire server, or at least without multiple team rezzing.
      I guess I’ll just cough up that 5k gold then :/

      • Captainbill says:

        If somebody is asking 5k gold to do it, it would probably be using a glitch.
        Which you can probably get somebody to explain to you for free.

      • James Ng says:

        Would you mind just trying to write it out here – doesn’t matter if it’s unclear. Is it where you use the wall glitch to take the boss out of the middle?
        Everyone either wants gold to do it, or just don’t want to even try – no one seems to want to give things out for free 😛

      • Captainbill says:

        I’ll try to explain the best I can. Though its kinda hard without a map.
        When you pull him, an electric wall comes up. Healer stays behind that wall. DPS stay way back. Tank pulls him towards electric wall, does agl door glitch, and pulls him all the way back to a specific corner (with healer running with him). This may take several tries, you gotta be constantly spamming lightning burns. You pull him into a specific corner, which he will get stuck in. He will then go into his nuke mode (insta killing you) graveyard rez and come back. Tanks job is done here.

        The DPS (must be ranged, preferably archer) then goes and starts shooting boss at max range, while staying within the ressurect range of healer. (Healer has to stay out of range of the nuke). Boss will nuke every 10 seconds or so. Healer resurrects archer, rinse and repeat until he dies.

        I’m going to be doing this boss sometime tomorrow hopefully, Ill try to record it for you.

  2. Captainbill says:

    Unfortunately, I thought I was recording, however afterwards I couldn’t find the file 🙁 maybe I’ll do it again sometime soon.

  3. t.ng says:

    is it just me or did I not understand any of that(i am a lvl67 monk)
    could you explain again?
    btw, resurrect takes AGES