Understanding Epic Gear

Understanding Epic Gear


Epic gear is the de-facto standard nowadays for judging players – but yet it is also one of the least understood parts of the game. Basically, all gear comes in different types of rarity. When you click on an item, it will show the name in a colour. Grey is for common items, Green for uncommon items, Blue for rare items, and Purple for Epic items. (Also, there’s an orange colour for legendary items, but unless you’re ridiculously lucky and/or farm EHL a LOT don’t expect to get one of these)

We can split Epic Gear into two types, PvP and PvE. We’ll deal with PvE first.

There are three types of PvE epic armour, getting progressively stronger : T1, T2, and T3 (T4 is technically out at the moment, but you can’t turn it into an epic set)

T1 drops in the first three dungeons in legendary mode (KPL, RKL, EHL)

(Note: KPL is an abbreviation of the full dungeon name, basically Knahswah’s Prison:Legend. Same applies for all the others)

T2 drops in the Great Desert and Sinskaald Rift dungeons (SCL, SPL, EHL)

T3 drops in the Under Realm dungeons (MZL, AGL)

In all cases they drop as blues (rares) and need to be crafted to become epic. Now, T1 and T2 are more or less completely obsolete, so I’ll leave them out for now.

You can buy the patterns to craft them outside the Dungeon with Mechanical Gears. Mechanical Gears also drop from the bosses as well, so it’s more or less killing two birds with one stone. Actually, it’s more like killing three, as the thing you need to craft them with, essence of epoch, also drops from the bosses as well.

OK, that’s the good bit. You might want to brace yourself now.

First of all, you need 30 or so essences to make your full T3 set. That’s an awful lot of farming. Secondly, it doesn’t drop in dungeons as an essence, but a fragment, with three fragments able to be crafted into an essence. This means you have to buy yet another pattern to craft the essence and have legendary crafting, as well as farming 3 times as many fragments. Another thing – the drop rate in dungeons is sporadic, with perhaps one in every three dungeons runs dropping a fragment. Then, even worse, you have to roll for it amongst three other people – so you only have 1/4 chance to actually win the stupid thing. So, the equation goes 30 x 3 x 3 x 4, which is just over a thousand dungeon runs. Yeah, not fun.

The second incredibly frustating thing is crafting. Crafting up to 600/600 legendary level requires thousands of each resource – warriors have it particularly hard here as they can’t intensively farm ores, as they have a fixed respawn time. Not to mention the endless armour scraps and symbols you also require – and as a result the aforementioned materials reach sickeningly high prices on the Auction House. Honestly, at this point I’d just recommend getting your wallet out and reluctantly turning to Ubiquitous Nick, who sells slabstones that level you up 100pts at a time. This is the only time I would consider buying runes, and yeah, I’m a pretty hardcore F2P player.

*takes a deep breath*

OK, now let’s take a look at PvP.

PvP has two epic sets, S2 and S3, and both are bought using honour points, which you get in the arena. S2 is still the standard for PvP players at the moment, being comparable to T3, and S3 is the mark of a truly dedicated player. They do not require crafting – the epics can be bought directly from NPCs

S2 can be bought in Glory plaza, behind the S3 sellers. However, it requires the old arena points, so GL wisely introduced a NPC to the right of the sellers who trades them with you for the new honour points. Arena points can be traded with the NPC who has a green loaf above her head, to the right of the S2 sellers.

S3 can also be bought in Glory Plaza, but also has an additional Arena Rating requirement on top of the (very stiff) amount of honour points needed. It goes:

1700 = Foot
1800 = Hand
1950 = Leg
2100 = Chest
2250 = Head
2400 = Shoulder
2550 = Weapon
2700 = Trinket
2850 = Pet
3000 = Mount
3150 = Vest

However, your reward for this is the best gear in the game, currently (we’ll see when T4 epics come out….)

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2 Responses

  1. Sidsidsid says:

    Thanks James!!

    I will take your advice on 4/6 S3 2/6 T3. I am a lvl 70 sin with basic quest gear with high haste (wrong move on the haste part). While i can easily take on players with the same gear or even with 2/6 S3, i am still no match for PVP & legend dungeon bosses. we are grindin MZL & AGL as of now and also doing a bit of PVP that ends up on the losing side. I still don’t know how to get started on owning my dream gear. Any pointers on where i should begin? Thanks!!