Order and Chaos Online 2: Redemption review Part One.


The original MMORPG by Gameloft, Order and Chaos Online, came out on April 27, 2011. Since then, it has spawned a MOBA, and even an online collectible card game, with millions of players playing it around the globe. However, as almost a 5 year game, it is time for a new successor to take up the helm. Fittingly enough, the game takes place thousands of years after the original game, where the original heroes were wiped out in a great disaster.

So, let’s get started with Order and Chaos 2: Redemption.

(Editor’s note: Currently I have explored most of the content available in the game at level 45 with all the epic gear currently in the game and approximately 150 hours of gameplay)

The first thing to note is that storylines are vastly improved from the original game, and indeed the whole thing kicks off with a pretty impressive looking extended cutscene.


A major bugbear with the original OaC and other mobile MMORPGs was that there was no real storyline tying the whole thing together, and the quests felt more boring and derivative than anything else – all following a set formula.

With Order and Chaos 2, the plot is clearly set out – you’re hunting down a seriously powerful magical weapon known as the Ginungar, with many interesting, and significant, plot twists along the way. Furthermore, some of the side quests are genuinely intriguing: . In another, you meet a NPC who makes the ultimate sacrifice to a mysterious artefact in order to save his town from an invading army – and has to face the consequences of his actions. Perhaps my favourite is when you meet an imposter masquerading as you, attempting to stir up an angry mob into revolution, and are forced to take action. What gives the quest storylines real tension is that often you don’t succeed. You are too slow to save a man from being killed by a baying mob. In another, you race against the clock to save an old, poor man’s companion, a gentle giant from execution… ahem, spoilers, sorry. Sure, it’s no Bioshock or Fallout, but for a mobile MMORPG it’s a huge improvement.


The graphics are also vastly improved from the original. The landscapes are far richer than the original, and everything looks like it’s gone through a high res filter, with vivid leaf textures and even weather effects in certain areas.

Screenshot_2015-10-18-15-52-03     Screenshot_2015-10-15-18-16-15Screenshot_2015-09-16-19-15-30

However, something that could certainly do with a lot of work is the gear available in the game. You are given a heritage weapon near the beginning of the game, which can be upgraded, and thus used throughout as the game progresses. Unfortunately, this also has the side effect of making the vast majority of weapons that drop within the game useless.

In part 2, I will cover the new solo dungeons and team dungeons, as well as end user gear and the questionable user interface. Stay tuned for more!


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