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When playing Injustice, although the campaign gives you hours of play, it can be very interesting to play the challenges when they come every so often. Predominantly because of the coveted exclusive gold characters, such as the current Red Lantern Hal Jordan, though this exclusivity can be bypassed if you are willing to spend 150,000 power credits for a challenge booster pack.

Red Lantern Hal Jordan

Red Lantern Hal Jordan

Anyway, when playing challenges you tend to find, unless you have ridiculously high level or promotion gold cards, that it can be difficult to complete the entire challenge in the allotted time, and you may feel cheated if you spend hours upon hours of your time trying to get the latest card. Well here are some ways to make completing challenges easier:

Firstly the criteria for each stage allows you some room to select a good team. Every challenge stage in which the only requirement is a character, such as “Joker must be on your team” allows you room to add your best characters besides the Joker.


Though when you must play with Bronze or Silver you have little room for manoeuvre.

Secondly, there is always a way to bypass any match that you are struggling on, for a price. Any level can be skipped, though for prices up to around 20,000 power credits!Screenshot_2015-11-26-19-58-22 Now this may be too much for every level, but can be viable for the occasional match, especially if it has specific constraints like Regeneration mode or a time limit.


If all else fails and you have almost run out of time, there is one final way to increase the time left. If you change the date on your mobile device, you can give yourself a lengthy increase in time. This can be repeated until a new challenge is added, and I have used this before to extend play for a couple of weeks. But be warned: the challenge can renew at any time, so you may find that suddenly the challenge has updated. And remember, even if you still couldn’t get a character you really wanted, but have a fair amount of credits to spare, you could try your luck with a previously mentioned challenge booster pack, which gives you a random character from any of the prior challenges.



Disclaimer: This article is designed purely for those who are newcomers or are beginners of the game. This is not designed for any moderate to pro players.

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