Injustice: Gods Among Us New Update

The latest update for Injustice is a large one, in which several new features have been included. Here is a round up of all the features and their benefits and downsides.

Firstly there is the inclusion of the new survival mode.


In this mode you can fight waves of random enemies which you do not see until you fight them, and your health is carried over for each new round. After each round you rack up more and more rewards, but if you lose any match you will lose all your previous rewards, unless you ‘cash out’. It is an interesting idea that is actually very enjoyable to play, though it can be frustrating when you lose a large stack of hard earned rewards. However to combat this disappointment, regardless of when you lose you always retain any Last Laugh tickets that you get, which you can then use in a creepy Joker jackpot machine, to earn prizes.


Secondly, there was the introduction of S.T.A.R LABS, where you can apply augmentations which can each be used once, and will upgrade an aspect of your character permanently.


This is not the only feature that is themed around the CW show The Flash, following the successful Arrow character that was introduced a few years earlier, and is definitely a confusing prospect. The augmentations seem almost identical to Gear cards, and so fail to bring anything new. However if anything this seems like a better version of Gear cards, except that they cannot be bought, only earned through play. As a result you may end up buying Gear cards because you can’t buy the superior alternative, and an update in the future in which these are both unified would be welcome.

Now arguably the most exciting new development is the introduction of two new characters from The Flash; Reverse Flash and Metahuman Flash. The Reverse Flash card is mostly a copy of the other Flash cards, with largely similar abilities.

Reverse Flash

The Out of Time special attack looks impressive, and the Cellular Regeneration ability is fairly interesting, but neither of these would warrant buying this card unless you liked the show, which is the target audience after all. This card can either be collected by achieving a high level in the Online Battle (top 3%) or alternatively can be collected by purchasing a Most Wanted Pack, though you get random characters with each pack and so are not guaranteed him.

My biggest gripe about the update is the Metahuman Flash character. To collect this character you must spend £15.50.

Now while the other in-app purchases in the game are less reasonable, they are only for those that want even more Power Credits, and do not give anyone anything exclusive. Thus far, the game has never included any actual purchases for anything other than for more Power Credits, which has always given hard-core players who rack up Power Credits the chance to get every type of pack or character. Without this opportunity, there is no alternative to buying the character, and I hope it is available to purchase with Power Credits in the near future.

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