Basic Guide to Nova 3 Multiplayer

Perhaps a slightly dated choice of article today, but with the recent release of the freedom edition, abolishing IAP and an upfront price, Nova 3 has had something of a revival in multiplayer recently. So, how do you do well?

Starting off

To gain gear, two things are required, XP and gold. Both are acquired in competitive gameplay, but it can often require a lot of playing to improve. The easiest way to level past some of the painful grinding for gold and exp is to make a second account on another device, and then have it friend your main account. Then, set up a private match by going on advanced settings when creating the match, set killstreak to maximum and have no time limit. Proceed to kill your secondary account over and over again. Thanks to killstreaks, each time you kill without dying the XP you gain from each kill increases – 10XP for your first, all the way up to 1000XP for your hundredth consecutive kill. This allows you to powerlevel effortlessly, and also gain a ton of gold along the way.

Otherwise, if you don’t have two accounts, another simple way to gain XP is join the ‘Capture the Point’ type games. These reward 30XP each time you capture a fixed point by standing near it – and there is no limit to how many times you can recapture points in one match.

Some tips: In actual combat, never stop moving. Stopping in an area to fire is simply asking for someone to headshot or snipe you. Remember you have a powerful hand to hand weapon in the melee disc – go up close to a player and a button will appear above the fire weapon to slice, which, if it hits, instantly kills the player. In maps where vehicles spawn, take them ASAP. The jeep is fairly durable and very fast, which when mastered can lead to killing swathes of players by running them over, and the mech with its incredible hp and damage can dominate a free-for-all.

What to spend it on

A brief rundown of the weapons, here we come. FYI, each weapon can be customised with two additional upgrades, making it more effective, for example armour piercing bullets doing more damage per bullet.

Assault Rifle: Don’t sneer at the starter weapon, as it is one of the most versatile weapons in the game, remaining effective at almost all ranges. Equip Armour-piercing bullets and Recoil Stabiliser for a more accurate weapon when hip fired that does more damage, making it a very effective and viable weapon.

Volterite Gun: Can’t comment, as I haven’t used it much. Seems fairly mediocre from my limited experience.

Rocket Launcher: One-shots most players, good range, splash damage, very effective against machines, fairly accurate. When paired with a jetpack, extended magazine and rapid fire, you have the ubiquitous rocketpacker.

Railgun: A fairly versatile sniper weapon, with very good damage. Unfortunately, the beam reveals you to other players, and the beam seems to take a bit longer to reach the target than a sniper rifle. It has more ammo and fires faster, however.

Sniper Rifle: A more specialised version of the railgun. It excels at sniping, but is awful at close quarters and you need to fire from a stationary position, leaving you vulnerable.

Secondary weapons

Pistol: Well, it’s light, which means you can fly up higher with a jetpack, and it’s fairly versatile. Underwhelming damage, however.

Shotgun: Very good at short range, pretty bad at long range. This needs extended magazines and rapid fire, but is a pretty good secondary weapon.

Grenade launcher: I quite like using this one actually because explosions, but it’s very poor as a competitive weapon. No range, and if enemies come close enough to fire your grenades at them, by the time they explode anywhere near them you’ll be dead.

Flamethrower: It’s an extreme shotgun. It guns down targets faster than any other weapon at close quarters, but unfortunately does nothing outside of its very limited range.

Lightning gun: Uh, only used it a bit. Will update.


Jetpack: This. Get this now. The price may seem prohibitive, but it provides exceptional mobility and, when paired with the carbon steel armour perk, makes you a nightmare for enemies to kill.

The remaining equipment is fairly meh to me – mines and grenades don’t seem to have much effect as weapons except in defense oriented games such as capture the flag/point.


There are a ton of perks, so here are the ones I found the most useful.

Carbon Steel armour: Allows you to survive most one shot kills – while you still won’t be shrugging off a rocket launcher to the face, body shots from sniper rifles and railguns will normally leave you barely alive, allowing you to retreat safely.

Kamikaze: This one is fun. Does what it says on the tin, although note you will have needed to damage the player beforehand for it to kill him in the explosion, as it only takes out around 80% of his shield. Works well with rocketpacking.

Drunken master: Chance to dodge shots. When combined with jetpack it can make you a very slippery target.

Mechanic: Worth it if you like staying in the mech/jeep, as it repairs it as you drive, giving you better staying power. Still, the regeneration is quite slow – you will still die very quickly faced against a few rocket launchers.

Serpent sting/Sharpshooter: extra damage when shooting works very well with automatic weapons, but is (obviously) useless with one shot weapons.

If you have any other tips, feel free to point them out in the comments. Have fun in Nova 3!






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