The Advanced guide to PvP for warriors (Order and Chaos Online)

Updated 16/07/15.

OK, if you’re here you should have already read my basic guide – this is for those who are now working on their S3. I won’t explain my terms here, as I’ll assume you know them already 😛

If you haven’t, read it here:


This is the minimum I’d expect in gear:

– 4/6 S2.5

– 2/6 S2

– both S2 weapons (or the dual wield S2 weapon)

– S2 trinklets/cloak/ring (can substitute these for the greater cloaks/rings)


You should also be decently gemmed by this point – level 2 gems are ok, but I would recommend putting lvl 3 gems in the S2 gear, as you will be keeping that for some time.

As a DPS war, you want to fill your red slots with stamina or strength, your green slots with crit, and blue slots with either attack power or resilience. Gemming stamina and resilience will give a tougher character which does less damage, whereas strength and attack power grants ridiculous DPS at the expense of longevity.

This is an example:




Another nice trick is to buy the Diploma rings in the island near Silence (Marc, the NPC on the island, has a daily quest which gives one Diploma a day). Two of the best rings put together give a set bonus that reduces all damage done by 80% for a few seconds, which is invaluable for PvP. These rings also reduce damage done to yourself, crucially, meaning you take less damage from blood rain.

OK, if you have these, you can continue reading.

PUGs (pick up groups)

Now, the first thing to note – Pick Up Groups are evil. You could be the best player in the world, but even so if you are teamed up with 3 others who haven’t even got S2.5 you will lose every time to a decent team.

2s or 4s?

This is divisive. On one hand, I have personally found it’s easier to get higher with 4s, because opposing teams tend to have a bigger mix of quality – if you have a strong team where every player can hold his own, going up to 1900 is a breeze.

However, with 4 players, you have three times the chance (assuming you can play more or less forever :P) that one of them will need to go, and according to Sod’s law it will always be when you’re 20 points away from that next piece of S3. Also means waiting for longer for more guildies to come join your team.

Also, this means you have to farm 2s for points, which is a forbidding prospect.

2s is harder, because there are quite a lot of pro teams hovering around the 2000-2400 barrier, which can take you down a lot of points when you’re at 1900. However, if you have a determined (read: stubborn) teammate, you can push through it most times.

If you do take 2s, you can also farm 4s for points, which is much easier to do, as you gain 40 points from losing a match, as well as 200 for winning it.

Another useful thing is when running 2s, keep randomly queing until you find a good partner – two 1400 ranked players in PUGs can easily get to 1950 together.

Rating guide

(0 – 1200) PUGs are fine for this stage – you should rise up naturally if you have the aforementioned gear.

(1200 – 1600) you can still use PUGs here, but be unhesitating to kick weak players to build up a stronger team.

(1600 – 1800) start running with guildies at this point.

(1800 – 1950) Run with guildies only, or GM teams at a pinch, they should be better or equal to you.


The general rule of thumb: Always target heal, then mage, then archer, then war.

This does depend, however. Some heals now gem Stamina and Resilience, making them a very tough target at the expense of their healing power, in which case it would be easier to take out the squishier archer first. Archers also are sometimes targeted before mages, as they have fewer defenses. I’ve even been on teams where a DPS is assigned to hold down a war to prevent him stunlocking the heal to death.

The important thing is to talk with your teammates. Really, I can’t stress this enough. Find out which target you want to hit first, and take him out as a team. Then, when it’s 4v3, the match is really yours to lose.

Now, try to always pair up with a heal if you can – dd war and heal is a very strong combo – otherwise, double DPS is fine, if not ideal.

Dual sin: After the update sins have become very difficult indeed. The trick is lightning fast reactions: when you see sin(s) going into stealth mode immediately use diploma rings/pray/guardian stance/whatever you can do to reduce damage, as if you let them build up on you they can manage 20k in one hit using smokebomb.

Dual DD war: be slightly more wary, as if they play this right they could keep one of you in a more or less constant stun lock. If you have another war on your team, try to maintain stun lock on one guy and DPS race. With an archer, double team one war – use slowing and poison as necessary.

Dual Ice mage: Disadvantaged here – only thing I can say is do not free will the moment he freezes you – wait until your stuns are ready and surprise him. Interrupt with earthquake and Silence when necessary. Winnable nevertheless.

DPS/heal: This is just a DPS race – push everything you have against the healer. If you kill him, then you can go to town with the DPS. If the team is well out of your league, try pinning down the DPS as much as possible to lift pressure from your healer and force a draw.

Ice mage/heal: for dual DPS, worst matchup – the heal will run in circles while you are frozen. Try to save charge to pin down the heal, and again, stun lock and interrupt is everything.

End Game Gear:

This really depends on your playstyle. Some go with 4/6 S3 and 2/6 S2, utilising the resilience bonuses to get the toughest character possible. Others go the other way entirely and pair 2/6 S3 with 4/6 T4, giving a very powerful but squishy toon. I personally still prefer the 6/6 S3 due to the 6/6 bonus, which gives 150 strength.

Again, for cloaks, rings etc. it’s your choice whether to go for T4 for DPS, or S3 for health and defense.

As for trinkets, if you can’t make it to 2700 to get the S3 trinks, craft the T4 Dps trinket, or pick up a T3+ trinket from SSL while you can: Ned’s honour, atrocity of evil spirits, etc.

The atrocity set is worth a look as the necklace and trinket combined give a critical chance and attack power bonus, very handy in PvP.

This is my current setup – it’s a little behind the best as I’ve been busy farming my Tank T4 and oracular upgrades, but you’re welcome to use parts of my build.


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7 Responses

  1. makediaz says:

    thanks for sharing knowledge…
    i dunno how many characters you played but you should write a fire mage guide too 😉
    that’d help a lot of early dying mages!
    Thanks buddy!

    • James Ng says:

      Hi makediaz!

      Unfortunately, fire mages are pretty poor as of now in PvP. I’d highly recommend respeccing to ice as that gives strong control effects and sleep conditions. Fire is very much for dungeons as the damage output is very high, but there are long casting times.
      Hope that helps,


  2. makediaz says:

    Thanx for the reply James
    actually i’m just a level 45 mage, enjoying dungenons with my DPS mage.
    I know it’s gonna be hard in pvp. I’ll try your tip and respec as ice mage.

    I’m playing as a dps warrior and as a mage….i’m starting to think that monks are the choosen ones 🙂

  3. Jacob Dicker says:

    These have all been very good to read, sadly I don’t have time to become addicted to yet another game….

  4. J.O.Z.Y says:

    Hey! Can you please make a general PvP guide which doesn’t talk about gear/skill rotations but how to move, which enemy to prioritize, how to efficiently target the enemy you want and how to shift your camera so you don’t get zoomed in too much due to a wall etc? That would be great! Also, please do a flame knight PvP guide! Thanks!