We’re a small site, but even so nearly everything in the world is governed by Terms and Conditions and Disclaimers. We’re sorry, and we’ve tried to make our disclaimer as readable as possible, but this is our disclaimer.

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1. Author Opinions

Here at AxiosTech we do our best to provide impartial and regular content, but we must stress that the views of individuals expressed in articles may not necessarily reflect the views of AxiosTech, management and affiliated/partnered/related sites.

2. Errors and Omissions 

AxiosTech endeavours to ensure statistical or factual accuracy, trying to verify statistics from multiple independent sources or directly from the manufacturer. This isn’t always possible, so Axiostech takes no responsibility for errors or omissions. If you spot something you know to be factually false, please let us know.

3. Intellectual Property

We also respect copyright, and will never knowingly or deliberately infringe it. If you see any intellectual property here that is yours, email us at legal@axiostech.uk and we will be happy to make things right. We will endeavour to use properly accredited CC (Creative Commons) images and/or images in the public domain. We will endeavour not to use copyrighted images without the owner’s express permission in writing.

4. Product Review Samples

Any products or review samples we receive will be marked at the beginning of the article accordingly. Any sponsored/paid for articles will be also be marked accordingly.

5. Financial Details

AxiosTech does not have access to your financial details, as all payments  and donations are handled through PayPal. AxiosTech reserves the right to contact you with promotional material on behalf of AxiosTech or other affiliated sites. We will not share your personal details without your approval.

6. Contact

AxiosTech retains the right to store your (you=the user) given contact details (including name, email, physical location and IP address) and contact you in the future if you:

  1. Comment on a post
  2. Become a registered user
  3. Contact us by an unofficial (such as directly to a writer) or official (such as via our leave a comment section) channel

AxiosTech will not share you contact details with anyone else, unless AxiosTech deems it necessary for the purposes of complying with law enforcement or legal requirements.

7. Comments and User Opinions

You (the user) agree not to post hate or spam comments. AxiosTech reservers the right to ban, block, permanently disable, temporarily disable or delete accounts suspected of posting hate comments, including but not limited to, racism, homophobia and anti semitism, or accounts suspected of spamming, including promoting other sites or posting meaningless messages. Messages suspected of having spam or hate content will not be published, and will be deleted. AxiosTech takes no responsibility for comments posted by users defaming products, corporations or persons.

       8. External Links

AxiosTech takes no responsibility for the content of external links. External or outgoing links do not reflect AxiosTech, AxiosTech’s opinion or the writer’s opinion. We also take no responsibility if your computer is infected with any malware that may be on these external links.

       9. Right to Changes

AxiosTech reserves the right to amend or remove content at any time, including taking the website down for extended periods of time with no notice for any reason.

10. Malware

AxiosTech believes itself to be free of malware, however we take no responsibility for any damage caused by malware or viruses encountered on this site. Please see section 10 for External Links

11. Changes to Disclaimer

We may choose to change, amend or correct this disclaimer at any time. Changes to this disclaimer can be viewed in the update log below. AxiosTech reserves the right to add or remove sections of this disclaimer as we see necessary.

Any more questions? Email us, or leave feedback in the comment section.

Update log (1 most recent, 5 least recent recorded update. Older revisions available on request.)

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