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Here’s a bit about us.

We’re AxiosTech. We’re a small tech site based in London (hence our snazzy .uk domain name) and we post content on all areas of tech, from phones, tablets and smartwatches to custom desktop rigs, gaming machines, cameras and audio gear. We’re going to be writing reviews, news coverage, tutorials and guides as well as longer, more abstract articles. Essentially, we write what we want to when we want to as long as it has something to do with technology. Below are the bios of our bloggers.

Naail Khan

Hi I’m Naail(pronounced “nile” in case you were wondering) and I’m the site admin here at AxiosTech. I was responsible for creating the theme, and setting up our site, so if you find the colour scheme retina-smashingly horrible, or have any complaints about how lousy of a job I did, then please, by all means, let me know. I’m a PC gamer mostly, with my own custom built machine(i5 4690k, R9 280 in a Fractal Design Arc Mini R2) on which I own many Steam games but play CS:GO 99% of the time, hence why I enjoy following the pro scene closely and writing about the game a lot.

Mobile wise I’m an Android person myself, more specifically a Nexus fan. I owned a Nexus 7 2012 and a Nexus 4(both of which died suddenly), then endured a brief traumatising period on a year-old Samsung phone before moving to a Nexus 6P. I obviously partake in all the usual rooting, flashing, Xposed antics as you’d expect. I also like wearable technology, I’ve owned several smartwatches like the Sony Smartwatch 2 and Pebble, but my current is an LG Watch Urbane.

Finally, I’m also a headphone enthusiast. I’ve owned many full-sized cans and IEMs(you can find my Head-Fi profile here) and enjoy listening to, reading about, tweaking and customizing headphones, IEMs, components etcetera.

Danny Hordiyevych

My full name is Danylo Hordiyevych (no middle name) although I prefer it if most people call me just Danny. Yes, I do have reddit, you can find me under /u/Hordiyevych. My parents are Ukrainian (from the west, like the rest of my family), and although I’ve lived in London my whole life I also consider myself Ukrainian. Слава Україні! Apart from that, I’m a massive Android fanatic, my phone being a OnePlus One. Previously I had an iPhone 4, which was almost permanently jailbroken from day one, but even like that it was restrictive. Switching to Android was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while, my first Android phone being a Nexus 4, which suffered greatly under my hands, which was almost permanently rooted, and rarely had the stock ROM kernel installed. With my OnePlus One I’ve taken a different approach, since the stock Cyanogenmod 11S software already contains lots of the features I would normally install a custom ROM for (although I’ve still rooted it).

I owe my interest in tech to parental controls. My first computer was some Toshiba laptop with Vista (worst OS in history) and my parents put parental controls on it. But these eventually ended up blocking stuff like Google for some reason. It was at this point that I would try and get my hands on my parents computer, and learn in any way possible to get round the parental controls. Long story short, I succeeded and got interesting in computers in general. I’ve come a long way since those days and hope to keep learning new things every day as life goes on. I have started to try and help other now, and hope they can continue learning like I did and still do.

In terms of my current setup, I have a custom built PC (I built it) with a Core i7 3770K with a Hyper 212 EVO CPU cooler, Asus GeForce GTX 660ti, Corsair CX750 PSU, Asus P8Z77-V LX motherboard, 1TB HDD, 120GB SSD, XPredator Aerocool Evil Green Edition case, a ton of fans and an Aerocool Modern-V LCD Fan Controller. I also have an HP Chromebook 11 (Blue) for school and general work, plus watching movies on the go and stuff like that. I have installed on it, side by side with Chrome OS Ubuntu with LXDE. When going on long trips to places I take a Windows laptop with me, an Acer Aspire 5755G, which I used to use as my primary computer. Both my Acer and custom PC run Windows 8.1, with software to make it look more like Windows 7. My current phone is a OnePlus One. I’ve rooted it but have left the ROM and kernel alone, taking a different approach than I did with my old Nexus 4.
The last thing anyone needs to know about me, is that I am left handed, and very proud of it. Lefties FTW!!

James Ng

Hi! I’m AT’s Mobile and Gaming contributor. I have a fondness for smartphones, laptops, tablets, and chocolate truffles, not necessarily in that order. I’m also known for being unnecessarily pretentious and boring. If you have a problem with the excessive adverts / the overcommercialisation of our site, or you think you have a lawsuit to press, feel free to contact me. Send all requests in triplicate signed by the Presidents of the United States, World and Universe in cherry ink colour XBA12# scanned by a dye-sublimination thermal 3D printer to spam@spammyspam.spam via homing pigeon. Further enquires can be made by ringing my colleagues. (Note from colleagues: please don’t do this.)

Previously an Apple fanboy, then an Android fanboy, I’ve worked my way through both and now consider myself fairly balanced about the opposing camps (ok, I’m still not too fond of iOS and the closed-garden mentality). My path started with a Nexus 7 2013, and now I find myself rooting, hacking and flashing to my heart’s content on all of my devices. After growing tired of running a trillion ROMs, I’m now running stock with Xposed framework and a couple of modules on my latest smartphone. I then bought an HTC One M7, which I still consider to be the best designed phone on this earth. After that, I took the path to a Xperia Z2, claiming I needed the battery life and waterproofing, when in reality I didn’t really need either and was just fickle.

Apart from that, I have a workhorse Acer Aspire E1-572 laptop which serves for all the rest of my needs, although it has the slight problem of running Windows 8.1, which I would happily destroy with a chainsaw Now it has Windows 10, which is… quite good, actually.

Other than tech, I have an interest in music, playing violin, piano and viola at silly hours in the morning. I also have interests in law and finance, and periodically get addicted to random games of all sorts. Wait, did I say that already?.

I also like having a bio as it allows me to write about myself in the third person without looking pompous and/or insane. (Note from admin: I changed this to first person because it sounded better – don’t tell him.)


I am AxiosTech’s resident Apple and Camera person. I as many cameras than computers, which is impressive considering that I have about a dozen computers (I’ve lost track) of various shapes and sizes, running a mix of operating systems. I operate across three operating systems, with several flavours of Windows, Ubuntu and OSX getting a shout in here. At the moment I use a late 2013 15″ Macbook Pro.

I also own a first gen iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPad and iPhone amongst an iPad 3 and iPad 5. Oddly a Nexus 5 managed to sneak itself in here. This is by far my favourite computer/tablet/thingy thing and I spend hours on it not really doing anything (I’m Redditing. Is that a word?). Previously a bit of an Apple fanboy, I am now much more balanced, but still enjoy annoying the hell out of iSheep.

I also have a general interest in technology and almost anything electronic and enjoy taking stuff apart, cleaning it and usually putting it back together again. My most complicated thing so far has been my old Macbook Pro which I completely disassembled, loosing some screws in the process.

I own several DSLRs (Canon) but have no clue where I will be going next, considering Canon’s recent lack of action. For my video needs I was hellbent on buying an FS7 but never got my act together. With IBC around the corner I’m waiting to see if anyone comes out with anything new. Once a fan of BlackMagic design, I’m now not so much. I also own several camcorders (GoPro included). If anyone asks me “What camera should I get?”, my default response will be “What will you use it for?”.

Arjun Dhaliwal

I am a tech enthusiast, and have always been a fan of Android and Samsung.

Currently I have a rooted Galaxy tab 10.1 which runs stock lollipop, an ancient Samsung Galaxy Apollo which still runs Android 2.1, A Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, a Note 4 and an iPhone 4S. The last one was handed down to me.

I hate Apple’s extortionist prices and closed operating system, and I prefer Android’s open operating system with lots of choice and customization. I do also like Nintendo, and have a Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and DSi. I do use Android much more now, and although Nintendo’s consoles are not the most powerful, they have the best first party exclusives of any console (Mario, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros etc).

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